Dubai IT support and IT service

Needing IT

Cure my IT headache

I am facing problems with my computer, server or some other IT related issue in my office.  I need to speak to someone who understands that IT is my responsibility but not my strength.  Please fix our IT!

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IT solution provider Dubai

Improving IT

IT is my day job

I need to increase productivity, decrease cost, implement new technologies while my boss is demanding more transparency and my users insist on more support - I am the key person caught in the middle. Please give me a cost effective solution!

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new office IT setup dubai

Moving IT

Moving into a new office

I am setting-up or moving to a new office in Dubai. I need assistance with everything from cabling, telephones to audio / visual through communication with my IT department. Please call me!

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Who We Are is a managed IT services and support provider that offers everything from cabling infrastructure to a managed helpdesk. IT-Serve was founded in Dubai the year 2001 to cater for a gap in the market for a reliable, western educated and qualified IT service and support solution. Our team works both remotely and onsite to protect your IT setup & information. We use the most technologically advanced support systems in the UAE that allow us to monitor your complete IT solution keeping it safe, secure and virus-free without you even knowing it. Our proactive approach means that often problems are identified and solved by IT-Serve before you will be aware of them.

Making IT Work For You

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