Our assistance

Our assistance

You know this situation, all your and your resources’ time is being spent fixing day-to-day users problems, as well as keeping the central systems functioning, up-time is the company’s short-term goal. You know better than anyone that if you had the resources, budget and time, you could spend majority of your time and budget to enhance the user, management experience and help the company you work for grow on a stable IT platform.

IT-Serve is currently helping one of the world’s largest telecom providers with 3rd level technical support in their datacenter as well as outsourced cloud-based helpdesk, inventory monitoring, management reporting, managed backup and procurement services. Their IT department has never run as smoothly as they do now and IT management almost always get the budget that they need in order to keep the business running smoothly from an IT perspective.

Another regional company had many of the problems where the IT department was forced to spend the time fixing legacy day-to-day problems rather than planning for the future. IT-Serve is now assisting the IT manager and his team with cloud migration, outsourced cloud based helpdesk, management reporting, managed proprietary (baremetal backup) as well as off-site cloud backup, allowing the IT manager to “manage IT” rather than “fixing IT.”

Let IT-Serve help you with this, we have the experience, expertise and tools to help you, your success is our achievement. Our business model is to help you and your team to achieve the goals that your environment set by giving you and your team access to and training in the tools and expertise we can share with you. Even helping you in convincing management of IT requirements and your users of the importance of the work you do.

We offer good discount! For example: Get 20% Discount on the Bundle of Monitoring and Reporting tool with our award winning Anti-virus.

    • Get Monitoring and Reporting Tool for just
    • AED 9.95 /month
    • 24/7 Comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting
    • Self-Healing Automation
    • Policy-based Configuration Management
    • Detailed Reporting & Executive Scorecards
    • Network Assessment
    • Asset Management
    • Customized Reporting Capabilities
    • Export data for trend analysis
    • Proactive alerting on a priority basis
    • Executive custom dashboard
    • Integrated patch management and automation
    • Backup monitoring and alerting
    • Secure remote control to all SNMP devices
    • PSA ticket integration
    • Integrated anti-virus monitoring (Optional)
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    • Add-On: Award Winning Anti-Virus for just
    • AED 9.95 /month
    • Comprehensive Windows protection
    • Anti-virus and anti-spyware
    • Firewall
    • Intrusion prevention
    • Proactive detection
    • On-demand behavioral analysis
    • Rule-based system behavior blocking
    • Malware audit & disinfection service
    • Application control
    • WildList proactive detection
    • Behavioral analysis detection
    • Rootkit detection
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*Per device / month price. For more than 100 licenses, contact us for the special pricing.