Improving IT

IT is my day job

Your management

Using some of the industry’s best reporting tools you will be able to provide management documented justification required to get budgets approved in order to keep the company growing. Combining this with an industry standard helpdesk (outsourced or co-hosted) to provide your users with automated up-to-date information on all equipment, including tickets tracking and asset register, you will be able to minimize the constant barrage of demands from your users. Furthermore, with the integrity and security of your data, including automated backups you will be sure to minimize your company’s risks. You can even draw on our CIO based services and highly technical 3rd level technology support. These tools are of course is all in the Cloud.

Your users

Your biggest challenge is to keep your users happy and content with their IT. In order to achieve this (we should know because we have been in the industry for 30+ years) we would assist you to implement 2 critical processes. The first one is technical and involves the active and preventive 24/7 monitoring of devices, logging of requests, correction of issues, user policy enforcement, patch management, etc. The second part is the ability to implement standards and procedures in order to set user expectations so they are trained to expect specified resolution times and/or response times, which is not always immediately.

New technologies

With the enterprise landscape evolving at a fast pace, pressures to introduce new technologies into your IT environment have never been greater. IT-Serve has recently successfully implemented innovation centers and hybrid cloud solutions for Fortune 100 companies, so we understand the difficulty in introducing the new technologies. We can work with your IT team on analyzing the risk and designing the right solution that will enhance productivity of the company and the performance of your users. We can work with your existing hardware and software providers, or you can avail from our procurement services. Let us help you in simplifying your environment, implementing new and exciting technologies, while getting the most out of your IT budget.

Our assistance

Don't spend your valuable time on day-to-day IT maintenance issues. We can enable your IT department to identify and head-off minor problems before they become major issues. This proactive approach will reduce downtime and hence speed up resolution time, ensuring your users has access to the tools and information they need – when they need it. At the same time, preventing problems where your team is forced to run around putting out fires to maintain system availability and performance standards. If they are not constantly cleaning up, they are able to focus on more strategic projects.

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