Focus on your core activities – Not IT!

Focus on your core activities – Not IT!

Outsourcing your IT to us helps you refocus on your core business.

In terms of time and personnel, every firm has limited resources. These resources are most likely better spent focusing on your core competencies that generate revenue. Outsourcing your IT function can help your firm concentrate on more important activities, and help the firm’s mission remain the focus.

By outsourcing your non-core business like IT, you can manage your time and limited workforce more efficiently and focus completely on your core business processes. It is more productive to utilize all resources at your disposal in performing activities that directly increase the profits.

You may not have the required expertise, infrastructure, and technology to perform various the IT functions efficiently. When you outsource your non-competency functions to an organization like ours that specializes in these areas, you will enjoy increased overall efficiency and productivity in both, the core processes which your staff is focusing on without any distractions and the non-core business processes which our experienced managed services team will focus on.

We offer good discount! For example: Get 20% Discount on the Bundle of Monitoring and Reporting tool with our award winning Anti-virus.

    • Get Monitoring and Reporting Tool for just
    • AED 9.95 /month
    • 24/7 Comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting
    • Self-Healing Automation
    • Policy-based Configuration Management
    • Detailed Reporting & Executive Scorecards
    • Network Assessment
    • Asset Management
    • Customized Reporting Capabilities
    • Export data for trend analysis
    • Proactive alerting on a priority basis
    • Executive custom dashboard
    • Integrated patch management and automation
    • Backup monitoring and alerting
    • Secure remote control to all SNMP devices
    • PSA ticket integration
    • Integrated anti-virus monitoring (Optional)
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    • Add-On: Award Winning Anti-Virus for just
    • AED 9.95 /month
    • Comprehensive Windows protection
    • Anti-virus and anti-spyware
    • Firewall
    • Intrusion prevention
    • Proactive detection
    • On-demand behavioral analysis
    • Rule-based system behavior blocking
    • Malware audit & disinfection service
    • Application control
    • WildList proactive detection
    • Behavioral analysis detection
    • Rootkit detection
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*Per device / month price. For more than 100 licenses, contact us for the special pricing.