Core Values

Core Values

IT-Serve places a great deal of emphasis in its values. These values outline our approach to our staff, our customers and our goal. The aim is to build a culture that not only embraces the needs of the customers but one that addresses the needs of the staff. By following the 6 values of our team will reach the goals of IT-Serve.


Employees at IT-Serve are encouraged to think proactively. It is not our aim to be constantly solving problems when there are actions we can take to stop problems occurring in the first place. By acting proactively we work smarter not harder thus optimizing our operational efficiency.


I.T. is the fastest growing and changing market in the world. Therefore IT-Serve staff need to be constantly learning and developing their own skill sets. Employees must diligently pursue either continued professional development to ensure they are always at the top of their game.


IT-Serve employees all have differing skills and strengths. With team work we can utilize these strong attributes and work on our weaknesses to remain an efficient, ever progressing team. An IT-Serve team player will subordinate their personal aspirations and work in a coordinated effort towards the IT-Serve goal.

Customer Focus

Customers are our business. Every decision that is made by an IT-Serve employee must have the customer in mind. IT-Serve employees must think about a customer’s needs and must make the necessary decisions to ensure these needs are satisfied. Employees must also think outside the box to make suggestions that can improve our customer’s businesses.


Clear, concise, honest communication is the key to any successful organisation. IT-Serve encourages an open and honest attitude whether it is communication between colleagues or customers.


Employees are encouraged to enjoy the roles they are in. A positive attitude not only reflects on the individual but on the business. Employees of IT-Serve must bring a huge amount of positive attitude and energy to allow our business to reach its goal. Customers like employees that display a ‘can do’ attitude.