Cloud Transition Services

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Cloud Transition: Moving to the Cloud

The adoption of cloud computing is growing rapidly in Europe and Americas. The trend is also changing in the Middle Eastern market, as research firm Gartner predicts that from 2014 through 2018, $4.7 billion will be spent on cloud services in the MENA region as more SMEs will start moving to the cloud. But behind all the talk about transformation lies a much more complex reality.

When it comes to embracing cloud-based services, companies need to make sure their users receive the support they need across hybrid environments that typically also include on premise solutions such as dedicated servers, storage solutions, etc. To fill the gap IT-Serve, with years of experience in the cloud, has officially launched its cloud transition service division that will ensure a smooth and successful transition and help you more easily navigate your journey to the cloud.

IT-Serve will hold your hand and walk you through the cloud journey. We know the path and we know the challenges, and how to overcome them. IT-Serve can assist you with deployment of cloud-based software and infrastructure through our cloud transition services. We provide TCO and ROI analysis of moving to a Cloud based environment.

Contact our cloud solution specialists to find out which cloud fits your IT needs and budget.